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medavie blue cross™ - assured access

Assured Access protects your eligibility for future Health Benefits.

It will allow you to put your coverage on hold should you acquire
group health benefits and to reactivate your health plan later
without needing to qualify again medically.

Starting only at $21.62/month*
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make your health a priority

Medavie Blue Cross™ as the most complete personal insurance plan

Everyone lives life a little differently, which can make it difficult to find a health insurance plan that fits your unique needs and lifestyle. Assured Access is the only plan that will guarantee access to Health & Dental coverage when you lose your groupe plan. Medavie Blue Cross underwrite you medically today to guarantee future access.  

Once you need to activate Health & Dental coverage, you can choose from different options from Elements.  That’s Medavie Blue Cross designed Elements to be simple, flexible, and responsive to you and your family. You can adjust your coverage to match your life and your budget, now and later.  You can mix and match benefits your way.

If you want to learn more about all the details about Assured Access plan, please click below.  It will give you all the in's & out's of the coverage and how it can be very beneficial for you and your future family needs, including your kids (if you have a child/children)

We have a team of Health Insurance Specialists that can assist you in finding the right plan.

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Why Assured access coverage is so important

Once you qualify  medically for this plan, you don’t have to qualify again if you lose your group  health benefits.

Assured Access allows you and your family to move into an Elements plan, which has extensive drug, hospital, travel and health  benefits.   Choose from single, couple or family coverage. 

Guarantee your kids coverage when they have to leave your plan, either they are over age or just finished their studies.

Assured Access will allow you to put your coverage on hold should you acquire group health benefits and to reactivate your health plan later without needing to qualify again medically.

This benefit options is the only kind available to fully guarantee you to access the best health & dental coverage, with no overall maximum in benefits. It will cover you and your family members.
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To qualify:

You must be 64 or under;
You must be enrolled in a group health benefits plan (in past 12 consecutive months)
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