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Why vision care coverage is so important

Vision issues can affect your quality of life. Proper vision is important for everyone, and problems with your vision can have significant social and financial effects. Most eye care problems are preventable with proper care. This is why vision care coverage is essential, and we have you covered.Our vision care benefit helps cover the cost of eye examinations and eyeglasses or contact lenses that are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Without vision care benefits, you are responsible for paying these costs, and with Canadians living longer and the population getting older, it’s becoming increasingly important to have extra health insurance to stay healthy.

What blue cross™ covers

Our health insurance plans offer you a variety of coverage options, from $100 up to $300 of coverage.  Comprehensive and tailored health insurance plans including vision care options, our plans allows you to find a plan that makes sense for both
you and your family.

We provide vision care coverage to help offset the expenses OHIP doesn’t cover. With plans starting at $16.73/month,
our health insurance options are flexible and affordable for individuals who do not have group insurance, are self-employed
or need additional medical coverage.

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* Note: This is an overview of plans.  Refer to policy for more details.

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